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Rainbow's End Farm

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-   ABOUT US  -

The owners of Rainbow's End Farm, David and Danielle.

Rainbow's End Farm is a small family farm founded in 1985 in Brookneal Virginia. We believe that happy, healthy animals yield better products, and that philosophy is woven into every decision we make at the farm. We practice ethical and sustainable farming and produce high-quality products that we are proud to put our name on.


Cattle have been the backbone of our farm since the very beginning. We have spent many years raising, selling, and eating our own farm raised beef and have decided that grass fed and grass finished makes the best beef. We primarily raise Black Angus cattle, but occasionally have other breeds available.

Rainbow's End Farm has also been raising pork for many years and have tuned their feed to produce the happiest animals and the best possible pork. Our pigs enjoy plenty of space, quality feed, and often get seasonal treats like watermelon and whole pumpkins.

Our most unique and in-demand product is our rabbit. We've been supplying not only our farmer's market customers, but also many restaurants in Lynchburg and Charlottesville for years. The rabbits we grow are a proprietary cross-breed of several different domestic rabbit species to produce a big, delicious end product. Our rabbits, like everything else on the farm, are grown ethically in spacious cages and with a nutritious diet.

Our farm fresh eggs are also in high demand. We maintain two independent flocks of free range chickens that roam the farm free from cages or enclosures. They eat mostly what they scratch up on the farm and are supplemented with an organic, soy-free, non-GMO feed.

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